Charlie Day Named The ‘Ultimate Charlie’ Moments On ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

To promote season 11 (!) of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (watch the teaser here), Vice spoke to stars Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day about, among other things, standout episodes (Glenn, “Who Pooped the Bed?”; Charlie, “The Nightman Cometh”) and the “ultimate Charlie moment.” It’s hard to condense Charlie’s brilliance into a single episode, so Day actually named three.

-“In the third season when we’re on steroids and I got to go through the rage of every emotion while eating a sandwich – I think you get to see the depth of the character’s joy and madness. That was a fun moment.”

(It actually happened in the second season, but yes, amazing.)

-“There’s a scene when Mac and Dennis are trying to set me up on a dating website and they’re going through my likes and dislikes – I feel like you got a nice little window into this character there.”

-“[The episode] “Charlie Work” in season 10, you really get to see what he’s doing a lot of the time to keep the bar running.”

That last one, in particular, is a tour de force performance from Day, and goes to show that a) Paddy’s Pub would have burned down or been overrun by rats without Charlie, and b) why hasn’t he been nominated for an Emmy yet?

Oh yeah, that’s right.

(Via Vice)

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