Charlie Sheen Told Jay Leno That He Has Three Girlfriends

Because misery loves company, actor and noted tiger blood enthusiast has admitted on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno that he has three girlfriends. And you can barely get but one, if that! You loser.

You see… Charlie Sheen’s secret is that he doesn’t live with any of them, he says to Jay Leno. The entire exchange is, as you may have guessed already from the headline, pretty creepy. Listen closely right at the end and you can hear that Leno manages to eek in a very subtle way of saying that he prefers working on cars to having threesomes. It’s toe-curlingly depressing.
You’ve got to wonder what it must be like to wake up every day and be Charlie Sheen. It must be like freebasing your own ego. The guy has tens of millions of dollars in the bank and very little to do all day other than be Charlie Sheen™, which must be fascinating to watch. Or be. In contrast, Jay Leno prefers to work on one of his many cars as opposed to having a threesome. So now you have to go around the rest of the day with that image in your head.

(h/t & image: The Tonight Show)