Charlie Sheen Trying to Trademark 22 Catchphrases

Now that his acting career has entered its “Busey” phase, Charlie Sheen is attempting to trademark 22 phrases that entered the pop culture lexicon during his unhinged publicity tornado that followed his dismissal from “Two and a Half Men.”

A company with ties to the actor has moved to trademark 22 of Sheen’s catchphrases, including “Duh, Winning,” “Vatican Assassin,” “Tiger Blood” and “Rock Star From Mars.”

Much like their creator, the applications aim high, with trademark protection sought for everything from bras, drinks, electronic games, candy [nose candy? -Ed.] and even gambling machines…

The company also seeks to trademark Sheen’s name and signature, and his nicknames for his home, “Sober Valley Lodge,” and his girlfriends, “Sheen’s Goddesses.” [AP]

I can’t seem to find a complete list anywhere, but other news sources say that Sheen’s company also filed trademark applications for…

  • Adonis DNA
  • I’m Not Bi-Polar, I’m Bi-Winning
  • Violent Torpedo of Truth
  • Defeat is Not an Option
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Droopy-eyed, armless children
  • I bang seven-gram rocks
  • Remember that time I shot Kelly Preston?

Okay, so I made up the last three. Nevertheless, I think this is a savvy move by Charlie. For better or worse, he’s the raving derelict responsible for these phrases, and he should be the one to profit off of them should they be used to generate income. I mean, I’d probably buy an Xbox if there was a video game called Charlie Sheen’s Rock Star from Mars. It’d be just like Grand Theft Auto, except less appropriate for children.

[images via The Daily Dingo and F Yeah Dementia]