Charlize Theron Used To Swim In The Same Shark-Infested Waters Where That Surfer Was Attacked

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07.21.15 5 Comments

Everybody acted really surprised when surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark this past weekend during a surf competition in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, with one Fox News talking head even asking the question of why they don’t just take the sharks out of the water.

However, as native South African Charlize Theron told Jimmy Kimmel last night, shark attacks at Jeffreys Bay are hardly a new thing. When her family vacationed there as a kid, the lifeguards would just blow a whistle to alert everyone to get out of the water when sharks were spotted, kind of like you may recall lifeguards doing when you were a kid if, like, you heard thunder.

Of course, the whistle method of shark prevention was hardly ironclad, and she says that you’d still hear of attacks every summer. Seems like a fun place to visit!

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