Check Out These Funny And Unique Halloween Costumes Based On TV Characters

Giggity. Quagmire (Family Guy) costume made by arbili.

Yesterday we brought you funny costumes from movies and comic books, but my favorite costumes of all may be the ones based on TV shows. These instantly recognizable, often inexpensive costumes entertained us, and we hope they give you some ideas. If nothing else, it should remind you to watch more TV.

Continue on for 25 Halloween costumes that are inexpensive enough that you won’t have to become a meth kingpin to afford them. Although if you do decide to become a meth kingpin, film it and win, like, so many Emmys.

When you’re done with these, you can also check out some of our other Halloween costumes:

SPLOOSH! Pam Poovey (Archer) photographed by Scott Pham.

The Price Is Right costumes photographed by hoarsefly.

Orange Is The New Black costumes photographed by Mike Dory.

Betty Rubble (The Flintstones) photographed by M@rcello.

Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) costume made by OneGirlArmy.

Josie and the Pussycats photographed by Kevin Trotman.

“Winnie. We have to cook.” — WinnieFASA

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) photographed by V Threepio. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Tyrion Lannister cosplayed by Mica Bethea, photographed by Wil Wheaton. (Backstory here)

“My best friend just sent this to me, asking if I could bring him some McDonald’s.” — MinusTheFire

If you can look like Bob Ross, be Bob Ross. [via]

Futurama family cosplay photographed by RyC.

Sgt. Slaughter (G.I. Joe) photographed by Terry Robinson.

Zordon of Eltar (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) photographed by KwanMan.

A harrowing Shark Week photographed by UnfathomablePotato.

Hey Arnold! [via]

Talotta made this Sterling Archer costume by cel shading a gray suit. Pictures of his process are available here.

Why not Zoidberg? [via]

Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones) [via]

“My siblings and I as the South Park boys for DCC.” — berberthegreat

Daryl Dixon (Walking Dead) photographed by Eric Berger.

Inspector Gadget photographed by Loren Javier.

The Ambiguously Gay Duo (Saturday Night Live) photographed by Anthony Chodor.

Prince photographed by Howie Muzika.

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