Check Out This College Picture Of John Oliver With His Now Famous Friends

In the picture above, you will obviously recognize the man on the left as John Oliver, featured player on Community, summer host on The Daily Show, and host of his own upcoming HBO show. The picture was taken in the mid to late 90s, and featured three other performers in the Cambridge Foothhills comedy troupe, which is also where the likes of Sacha Cohen Baron and Douglas Adams began their comedy careers. You may also recognize two of those other men in the photo, as well.

The man behind the cup, of course, is Richard Ayoade, star of The IT Crowd and a director of a 2011 episode of Community. The guy on our far right is David Mitchell, writer and star of another huge British comedy hit, The Peep Show. That other guy, between Oliver and Ayoade. He’s the not famous one. He’s Desmond O’Connor. He, uh, plays the ukelele.

Source: Reddit