Check Out The First On-Set Pictures From The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men’

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The first part of the split final season of Mad Men doesn’t debut for three more months, and seeing as Matthew Weiner would sooner burn down his own house than allow any details to leak out, we’re all going to be running around scooping up crumbs until the April premiere.


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Pictured: Almost 50 years of anti-tobacco messages being tied to a giant rock and sent to the bottom of the ocean.

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I’m sure this is from between takes, but if we find out in the final season premiere that Don Draper/Dick Whitman is a time-traveler from the future who has somehow figured out how to make an iPhone work in the early-1970s despite not having any towers or satellites to get reception from, I’ll be … I’ll … I guess I don’t know how I’ll feel. Mostly depends on whether Pete falls down the steps a few more times. You give me that, I’ll grant you some leeway with the time-space continuum.

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A few questions:

Where is Don going with Jim Cutler?

Are they going to get more injectable butt amphetamine?

Is that why they’re taking a cab?

So they won’t have to drive back to the office all geeked out of their minds?

Why doesn’t Cutler’s butt amphetamine doctor make house calls anymore?

Did he get arrested?

Did Ginsberg rat them all out?

Friggin’ Ginsberg, right?

Wait… are they ALREADY ON the butt amphetamine?


Is that why they’re getting in the cab?

Do you think Don busted into Cutler’s office smiling from ear-to-ear and glimmering with sweat and was like “I WANNA GO TO THE MUSEUM” and Cutler was all “YESSSSSSSSSSSS” so they just ran outside and grabbed the first cab they saw?

I hope so.

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Geez, okay, I’ll stop asking so many questions.

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Please — pleasepleasePLEASE — let that guy behind Don have a prominent role in the final season. It’s the only thing that will make the year-long split in the middle tolerable.

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