Check Out The Awesomeness On Display At 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Red Carpet Premiere

Season four of The Walking Dead premiere a week from Sunday (on Columbus Day weekend), adding once again to our Sunday night DVR woes. Of course, The Walking Dead, for many of us, will take top priority. Last night, the premiere for season four was held, and I thought I’d post some pictures from the red carpet? Is this just an excuse to post images of a very hot Lauren Cohan and a very cool Norman Reedus? Yes, yes it is. It’s good to see Reedus when he’s not butt humping a member of the crew, although, I do prefer Cohan in Maxim. I should also add that that the actress who plays Beth Green looks pretty great out of character. Of course, Sarah Silverman was also there, and I finally got to see what Chris Hardwick’s girlfriend looks like, which is nice since he talks about her incessantly on the Nerdist podcast.

Consider this a visually appealing time killer.