Check Out All Of Sportscaster Glenn Clark’s Tom Haverford References

Tom Haverford

Sportscaster Glenn Clark is a really big fan of Parks and Recreation‘s Tom Haverford, and at a recent lacrosse game between Stevenson College and Haverford College, he decided to treat himself and the fans to a barrage of classic Haverford quotes.

“When I found out I was calling Stevenson’s game against Haverford, I thought it might be appropriate to use it as a chance to honor the greatest TV show of my generation and one of my favorite characters.”

Here is every Haverford reference and the moment from Parks and Recreation that inspired it.

“She beats them and goes in for her first goal of the day. She’s so good, everywhere she goes she’s walking in red carpet. What’s that in her shoe? Red carpet insoles!”

“Gets in front of the goal and just like that, treat yo’ self!”


“That first half, tearing it up like DJ Roomba!”

dj roomba

“Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot!”

Parks and Recreation - Work a Little

“Leanne Bitner is so hot today that she could get into Eclipse night club. That’s only open one hour for two times a year with a cover charge of $5,000.”

Parks and Recreation - Eclipse

“You know, MC, when I bet on the horses, I never lose. You know why? I bet on all the horses.”

“The four sweetest words in the English language, you wore me down!”

Parks and Recreation - Four Sweetest Words

“In those cases, it’s probably better to take the high road. I’ve never taken the high road myself, but I tell other people to because there’s now more room for me on the low road.”

Source: BroBible