Check Out Conan’s Spectacular ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cold Open

The cast of Orange Is The New Black stopped by Conan and decided to have someone special stand in to fix his famous hair for the show. Considering that Conan has had female doppelgangers in the past, it’s funny that they decided to make some transgender jokes at his expense. It’s also funny that Andy Richter would take on the role of Red during this cold open.

I don’t see Richter as a Red, chasing around magic chickens and generally being a scary individual in a women’s prison. He’s far more of a Ryan O’Reily, a schemer and puppet master. Maybe a bit of an Adebisi, with that killer, devil may care streak. I can even see a bit…wait, I’m talking about OZ, aren’t I. This always happens. Pay no attention. Let’s all continue to hate on Larry and pretend I kept it on track.

(Via Team Coco)