Check Out The First Look At Channing Tatum ‘Running Wild’ With Bear Grylls

As soon as it was revealed that Bear Grylls was tapping the A-list for guests on the first season of his new series Running Wild, hardcore fans knew that we would not be disappointed with the action. We watched in awe as the survival expert took Zac Efron through the Northeast Appalachian Mountains, and again when he and Ben Stiller made a dangerous journey through Scotland’s Isle of Skye. But that was all just the TGI Fridays endless appetizers to the main course that is Channing Tatum, as the Magic Mike star hits Yosemite National Park with Grylls on next Monday’s episode.

In the new preview (above), we get to see our boy C-Tates dealing with everything from leaping from a helicopter to pooping his JNCO jeans over a giant snake, and he basically looks like a kid at camp. In fact, Tatum told the show’s producers that this experience was basically like getting to go out and throw the ball around with his favorite football player, because he’s a huge fan of Man vs. Wild. While that kind of humble, down-to-Earth nature is everything we’ve come to expect from Tatum, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t flash us a little of that C-Tates charm, though, and give Grylls the new nickname “Platinum.”

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