Check Out These 9 TV Show Crossovers You May Not Realize Even Happened

Crossovers have pretty much been around since the beginning of television. In fact,  in the ’90s it was pretty common for a network to grab its nearest Urkel (he was popping up everywhere), or Fresh Prince and place him in, say, an early episode of Step-by-Step to boost ratings, or to introduce an audience to another show.

Whether you’re on the fence or totally on board for the SimpsonsFamily Guy crossover, it’s certainly nothing new for The Simpsons to feature network family on the show. We all remember when Scully and Mulder of The X-Files came to Springfield to investigate Homer’s paranormal sighting in “The Springfield Files,” and when Jay Sherman of The Critic showed up in “A Star is Burns.” Here we take a look at some of the times other TV show crossovers have happened. Some for the better, and some  for the worse.

9. Absolutely Fabulous was on Roseanne. Season 9 Episode 7

Roseanne wanted to produce a US version of the BBC sitcom, but had to settle for a small cameo on her show instead.

8. Steve Urkel was on Step-By-Step. Season 1 Episode 2

How could we forget Steve Urkel teaching Al and an entire school dance how to do “The Urkel Dance”?

7. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters were on Rugrats. Season 6 Episode 18

While the Rugrats are telling scary stories at a sleepover, Ickis, Krumm and Oblina make a cameo.

6. Michelle Tanner was on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Season 1 Episode 2

Mr. Cooper becomes a substitute teacher, and wouldn’t you know it, Michelle Tanner is in his class.

5. Bob Belcher was on Archer. Season 4 Episode 1

In the episode we find out Archer used to be an employee at Bob’s Burgers.

4. The Fresh Prince was on Blossom. Season 2 Episode 4

When Blossom is on a school band trip she runs into The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on an elevator.

3. Hank Hill and others were on The Simpsons. Season 9 Episode 6

In this episode Bart’s football team goes head-to-head with Arlen, and we get a very brief cameo from a portion of the King of the Hill cast.

2. Steve Urkel was on Full House. Season 4 Episode 16

Uncle Jesse teaches Urkel to strut. Urkel teaches Stephanie that it’s okay to wear glasses. And Urkel teaches everyone again and again that he’s was “born in Chicago on a cold winter night in 1976,” making him currently 37.

1. Kramer was on Mad About You. Season 1 Episode 8

Paul has to settle a lease in his old apartment, where we find out the new tenant is Cosmo Kramer.