This 'Cheers' Halloween Costume Is Quite Clever

It’s Halloween week, which means that you’re about to be force fed more Halloween costume envy and judgment than your cynical bodies are capable of handling, but the truth remains that there are so many people out there who are better at coming up with clever costume ideas than you or I, and a lot of them deserve to be celebrated. Others? Not as much.

For example, see the above credits screen cap from the classic TV series Cheers? Of course you do. But did you know that it was the inspiration for one man’s Halloween costume this year? Behold, the costume that is considerably better than your tired, old “horny ghost” white sheet with a toilet plunger handle attached to your belt.

The only way I could enjoy this costume idea any more than I already do would be if he somehow managed to recreate one of those old 80s sitcom closing shots when people are frozen while jumping in the air. That would be pretty damn impressive.

(Via Reddit, H/T to Rhymes with Gravy)