Chef gives school board indegestion, get it

02.04.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

British chef Jamie Oliver can no longer give vegetables to Los Angeles school children because of reality television’s precedent of wig snatching and mouth-spitting, says LAUSD spokesperson “guy who is happy to be mentioned in the newspaper.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District has suspended all filming of reality TV shows in district schools after a dispute with Oliver, who’d been filming his ABC show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” at prep school in South L.A. for the last two weeks.  He’s also been denied a permit to film at other schools, and a person close to the production said that the district superintendent would approve filming only if he could guarantee that he knew everything about the production and that it make the schools look good.

The aforementioned, non-profit spokesman said the district’s action was prompted not by any specific complaints regarding Oliver’s show, but by a concern that such reality TV programs can be disruptive to students.  This guy JUST REALIZED that reality TV eats kids alive.

“Yesterday the district decided that having unscripted reality shoots while classes were still in session was probably not the best idea … Reality programming is unpredictable, and the district decided that it was better to restrict that kind of programming. … If you look at the last series he did in Huntington, WV, it was full of conflict and drama, and we’re not interest in that.’’

What’s worse, Omarosa at your middle school or a horsemeat ribwich with 2% milk?  The last part of that sentence was copied straight from the L.A. Times, so either the LAUSD spokesperson talks like one of those dog memes with the big white block letter words all over them or the L.A. Times hired the guy who translated Metal Gear.

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