Chelsea Handler Asks Piers Morgan To Keep His Molester Eyes Off Her Fake Boobs

02.01.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Well, that was the gist, anyway. In an interview marking Piers Morgan’s second anniversary as Larry King’s replacement, he appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show last night. If you dislike Handler, or if you dislike Morgan, there’s something in the interview for everyone! And if you’re me, and you can’t abide by either one, it’s double the fun, because underneath their “I’m just messing you with” facade, there is truth behind their words. Morgan kicks the interview off by leering at Handler, and suggesting that she’s had some nice plastic surgery done. Handler retorts, “Oh, you’re so annoying. You’re so obnoxious . You wonder why everybody hates you! I specifically covered up so you couldn’t look at me and undress me with your molester eyes.”

Then at some point, Handler tells Morgan he can “suck [her] ass,” which is perhaps not the most appealing image. Check out the video.

And in case you wanted to visualize Piers Morgan sucking Chelsea Handler’s ass, this should give you a head start.

Fun fact about Chelsea Handler: When you type her name in Google, one of the suggestions is “Chelsea Handler Allure,” which is a reference to her nude spread in Allure magazine, but I prefer to think there’s a question mark on the end — “Chelsea Handler Allure?” — because her appeal is completely lost on me.

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