Chelsea Handler Is Bravely Using Her Boobs To Fight Instagram’s Tyrannical Sexism

In case you’ve forgotten (or didn’t know in the first place), Chelsea Handler’s Netflix standup special, Uganda Be Kidding Me, launched a few weeks ago. I have to wonder how it’s doing because unlike with traditional television ratings, I don’t think there’s any way of knowing exactly how well something is doing on Netflix — but it looks like it’s gotten 3.4 stars from 184,007 ratings.

I bring that up because traditionally, Chelsea Handler posts pictures of her boobs on social media when she wants attention or has something to promote, say, for the finale of her E! series or her town hall interview earlier this month. So last night, Handler posted the above photo on her Instagram page (see the unedited version over at Jezebel) which was of course almost immediately removed by Instagram because everybody knows you’re not supposed to show boobs on Instagram, which led to her posting this follow up:

Shortly after the image was removed, she posted it a second time, which she reported on Twitter:

Look, do I think it’s dumb that you can’t show boobs on Instagram? Sure. Not to get all political here or anything, but absolutely I think it’s dumb that in America you can own military grade weaponry but can’t see boobs or say “sh*t” on network television, whereas it’s the complete opposite of that in most other developed countries around the world.

But Instagram is also a 100% free service, and those are the rules it decided upon and it has no obligation to anyone to change that. If Gloria Steinem — I’m sorry, Chelsea Handler, wants to show everyone her boobs for attention, Twitter is still more than happy to assist her in that.

(Via Jezebel)