Chelsea Handler Filmed An Important PSA Highlighting The Benefits Of Being ‘Childless And Alone’

In a promo for her Netflix talk show, Chelsea, Chelsea Handler is coming forward with an important public service announcement, to let women know that it is okay to be childless and alone. And she would know! As someone who is childless and alone herself (which she prefers over the term “child free”), there’s no one better to extol the virtues of living each and every day for yourself and only yourself.

She starts off by introducing herself: “Hi, it’s me, Chelsea. I’m sitting here in my spacious home with no children. I’m having a cocktail at 10 a.m., going over some paperwork. I’m here to tell you that being childless and alone are everything they’re cracked up to be.” Okay. I’m listening…

She continues, making some salient points: “Once you have a child, you never get to make a choice ever again. Don’t get confused and think that you’re over 40 and you only have one or two good eggs left, so you’re going to roll on your back with some loser and then plop out a baby. You can be childless and alone, you just have to stick to your guns, girl.”

Well, that about sums that up. The only thing she neglected to mention is that cats and dogs are pretty great, too.

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