Chelsea Handler Is Going To Get High With A Shaman For Her New Netflix Show

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Chelsea Handler says that she could have made “$10 million a year for the next five years” if she’d stayed at E! and continued her late-night show. But it was leaving her unsatisfied because as she recently said onstage at the Forbes Women’s Summit this week:

“I thought, This show isn’t as smart as me. I want to do a show that’s smarter than me.”

So rather than do another late-night-style show on a daily basis, Handler’s new show for Netflix will be more experimental and much more limited. It doesn’t appear to have an official title yet, but the new show will be a four-part docuseries that puts Handler in a variety of situations. During the talk, she said the shows would be “Chelsea Does Racism,” “Chelsea Does Silicon Valley” (actually, she does it topless), “Chelsea Does Marriage,” and “Chelsea Does Ayahuasca,” a hallucinogenic drug that comes from a South American vine. But there’s an extra fun part to that last episode:

“I’m not going to be on any other drugs on camera,” she said. She’ll try out others, too, like a sleeping pill, Xanax, or shrooms, “just to show what happens in your brain when you’re doing these things and how irresponsible some are, and how some are just, you know, real fun.”

It’s for science, you guys. The drugs are for science. The same way showing her boobs is for freedom.

(Via Vulture)