Chelsea Handler Says She Quit Her Show Because She’s Sick Of Justin Bieber And The Kardashians

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06.12.14 28 Comments

When Chelsea Handler announced that she was leaving her E! network show Chelsea Lately back in March, most people assumed that it was because she intended to leverage her growing popularity to land a coveted network slot — possibly the Late Late Show. In a new interview, however, Handler tells the Daily Mail that contrary to popular opinion, she’s not going for Late Late and has a “proper new exciting project” that will be revealed in the next two weeks.

So if she wasn’t planning a jump to late night, then why did she leave her E! show in the first place? I mean, why mess with a good thing, right? True to form, Handler did not mince words.

To be quite honest I don’t really care about Justin Bieber and I don’t want to talk about him anymore. In order to make that happen I had to just stop doing my show. Straight away.

You end up getting so into the mix that it changes the topics of the day. You can sit around and complain about all that s**t and the Kardashians all day but if you’re participating in it then what can you do? It really didn’t feel great doing the show and the only way to sort things out was to extricate myself from the entire situation.

I want to talk to people who have changed the course of the world. Inventors, invaders and people who have been doing exciting stuff.

Love her or hate her, (and I do know which camp many UPROXX readers fall into) you’ve got to respect that. Hell, we also get Kardashian and Biebs fatigue, and all we have to do is make fun of them on the internet. Imagine feeling the way most people feel about Justin Bieber and then have to suck up to him during interview segments. Ugh. Sometimes I guess integrity is worth more than a paycheck.

Well, good luck to her in whatever it is she has planned, whether it be interviewing astronauts or cancer scientists or the next “Octomom.”

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