Chelsea Handler Says She Thinks Sean Spicer Has Diarrhea ‘Every Day’ Before His White House Briefings

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show Chelsea has been on hiatus since December while the format has undergone some slight retooling, but while chatting with Seth Meyers on Monday night she made it clear that she’s eager to get back to the grind. Like many of us, Handler finds the Trump administration both scary and funny, but chooses to “look at the funny instead of focusing on the scary, just to get through every day and every afternoon.”

Speaking of every afternoon, Handler says that the White House briefings with Sean Spicer in particular are a highlight of her day. “It’s like having a play date,” she joked. “I can’t wait til one day he comes in looking like your drummer — just like, all beat up.”

She continued, hypothesizing on why the Press Secretary seems like such a damn mess everyday. “I mean he is late every single day for that press briefing, they’re like, we don’t know what’s keeping him, ’cause he has diarrhea, every single day!”

As far as Spicer’s “end game” in this whole thing however, Handler remains perplexed. “Does he think this is going to end well for him? The administration is going to go down, and the only thing he could do would to be like separate himself, to say, ‘I’m not a party to this, I can’t do this anymore, I can’t live like this, I can’t lie to the American people’ — then he’d be a hero in many ways! I’d forgive him … a little bit.”

If Sean Spicer becoming some kind of folk hero is the strangest thing that comes out of this presidency, we should all be so lucky.