Chelsea Handler Spills The Beans To Conan About Her Impending Retirement And Future Plans

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04.29.14 13 Comments

I’ll start off by saying that Chelsea Handler looks like she’s already retired. She’s living my dream of wearing whatever is on the floor that morning out to job interviews or bank inquiries. Handler looks comfortable as hell during this Conan interview and I’m very jealous.

Aside from her choice of wardrobe, Handler is also quick to shoot down any and all rumors about her future plans:

I haven’t made any decisions about what I’m doing. Everything that’s printed about me is a lie…I don’t know, I want to go to Spain…

…I want to go to a place where men don’t understand what I’m saying.

And then of course Conan hits with the sick burn and gets a little revenge for Andy for Chelsea Handler’s button abuse a little earlier in the clip. You don’t criticize another man’s button choices to his face! That would’ve gotten you a stern slapping from “Wild Bill” Hickcok back in the golden days of this country. The Fox News days. When men were men and talk show hosts knew their place.

(Via Team Coco)

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