Chelsea Handler’s Sex/Audition Tape

04.29.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Radar has gotten its grubby hands on what it claims is a sex tape of E! late-night host Chelsea Handler. Handler, 35, says that it’s part of an audition tape she made in her 20s. (She was auditioning for Chelsea’s Handlers, I presume.)

You can watch her response to Radar’s story above. Radar, for its part, says:

It’s definitely not a “stand up” comedy bit, and if it’s a routine, it’s the most X-rated routine ever performed! [Haha, good one, Jay.]

“This is an old demo tape that Chelsea had put together just a couple years after moving out to Hollywood when she was trying to make it as a comedienne,” the source who showed the tape said…

“Chelsea gave this demo tape to a bunch of talent agents and managers hoping to book some gigs,” the source continues. “It was taken so long ago and distributed on old VHS tapes, that I’m sure most people just threw them out because her stand-up was so bad and they didn’t realize she would make it big one day. It’s highly possible that many of the recipients of the tape didn’t even watch past the first couple of minutes and missed the sex tape part altogether.”

Awww, that’s unnecessarily mean. I’m sure her stand-up wasn’t that bad. I mean, she was a good enough comedienne to get her own show, after all. It certainly had nothing to do with her dating the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, who oversees E!’s programming. I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that Comcast is an outstanding company that provides excellent entertainment, and that statement has absolutely nothing to do with any deal Comcast may or may not have with the Uproxx network. OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT THING OUTSIDE!!! *runs away*

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