Chelsea Peretti Left Messages Inside Any Book Fans Gave Her Last Night

Coffee cranker Chelsea Peretti, whose Netflix comedy special, One of the Greats, comes out this Friday, recorded a live taping of her Call Chelsea Peretti podcast in Los Angeles last night. It attracted a crowd of Brooklyn Nine-Nine watchers, Farts and Procreation listeners, general well wishers, and well-read weirdos who own copies of Only the Strong Survive: The Odyssey of Allen Iverson, which one Amazon reviewer calls, “I am not an AI hater.” Before the show, Peretti tweeted, “IM PROB GONNA DO A BOOK SIGNING AFTER THE SHOW. BRING ANY BOOK THAT’S IMPORTANT TO U I HAVENT WRITTEN ONE.” They didn’t disappoint.


Hey Hannibal, can you sign my Chris Webber book?