Childish Gambino “Community” Mash-up? Ok!

08.18.11 10 Comments

Look people, there are certain things that are just going to get posted while I’m filling in. And high-quality “Community” mash-ups set to hip hop music that feature many of the show’s most memorable moments would fall into that category. So when some hero takes the NSFW song “Freaks and Geeks” by Childish Gambino (aka “Community’s” Donald Glover) and cuts together dozens of video clips to match the song’s lyrics to actions from the show, it’s going up.

One additional note: As someone who occasionally has put together corgi-related videos for this very blog, I cannot even fathom how much work it must have taken to put this together. Good God. Pulling that many 1-2 second clips out of the two full seasons of the show and matching them all up to the lyrics and beat of the song? My ADD kicked in just writing the sentence describing that process. So hey, good on you, Mr. JackANapes1969. You are a better, more patient man than I.

Also, relevant:

video via Vulture

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