The ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale’ Revs Up To Further Challenge The Status Quo

12.14.18 7 months ago


(Spoilers from the first season of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and the holiday episode, “A Midwinter’s Tale,” will be found below.)

Netflix’s strenuous 2018 holiday vibe is partially due to Kurt Russell playing a hot Santa in The Christmas Chronicles, but the streaming service is also celebrating with series-based content, including the Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale. The deliciously childhood-ruining series’ popularity shall be rewarded with season two in only a few months, and the teaser trailer, set to “Cherry Bomb,” could lead some to believe that the teenage witch has truly gone bad after joining the Dark Side. Now, a holiday episode that could have easily been written off as a fluffy standalone shows that Sabrina’s still the same headstrong young lady. That is to say, we not only see a Happy Solstice but Sabrina further fueling her quest to challenge the patriarchy.

This is a relief to see, for despite relenting and signing her name to the Book of the Beast in the Season 1 finale, I wasn’t at all convinced that Sabrina had given up on her feminist drive. I mean, look at this winking Kiernan Shipka.


That’s the look of a witch with a plan. While evoking The Craft and flanked by the Weird Sisters, the newly minted Church of Night disciple could be a Trojan horse inside the coven. Satan may have met his match, and not in the way that he’s intended, given that one of Lilith/The Mother Of Demons’ raven familiars suggested that Satan wants Sabrina as his queen.

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