01.13.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Back in the dark days before I got a job sitting at home and Photoshopping dogs into pictures, I had one of those soul-crushing real jobs that involved a lot of Microsoft Excel and sending out form emails. My entire life was ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and coffee breaks. The company I worked for designed interactive websites for various beauty products, clothing lines, TV shows, and God knows what else.

That’s a roundabout way of introducing this website where you can vote for which dress “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks will wear at the SAG Awards. It’s sponsored by Degree, which means it’s exactly the kind of slick cross-promotional marketing site I used to help create, and therefore I’d prefer to ignore it.

However, there’s a powerful counterpoint: titties. Unfortunately for us, the voting choices are limited to three red gowns that really aren’t all that different, which is a shame. I was hoping for a “covered in pieces of buttered toast” option. C’mon Degree, at least make room for write-in ballots.

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