Chris Christie Says He Might ‘Go Nuclear’ If He Gets Ignored In The Next GOP Debate

If you were one of the 24 million people who tuned into last month’s Fox News GOP Debate, you probably noticed that some candidates got *ahem* more airtime than others. One of those overlooked candidates was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who told Jimmy Fallon Monday night that at one point, he actually counted 20 whole questions being asked before it cycled back around to him.

Fallon asked Christie why he doesn’t just jump into the fray like some of the other *ahem* candidates, and while Christie says he doesn’t usually respect that tactic, it might come down to that if things go the same way at the next GOP debate, to be held Sept. 16. Either way the likelihood of President Chris Christie is slim to nil, but hypothetically a Republican Commander-in-Chief who knows how to pronounce the word “nuclear” is refreshing, to say the least.