Watch This Rare Pre-‘SNL’ Video Of Chris Farley Playing Motivational Speaker Matt Foley

Legendary improv comedy institution The Second City just uploaded a fantastic treat for anyone who loves Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, Saturday Night Live, comedy, pop culture history, laughing, and/or smiling.

It’s a VHS-quality recording of Chris Farley performing his iconic Matt Foley character at Second City back in July 1990, nearly three full years before the rambunctious motivational speaker would debut on SNL. Also notable: Bob Odenkirk (who created the Matt Foley character) plays the father role that would eventually be made famous by Phil Hartman, while Tim Meadows plays that of the son — later portrayed by a giggling David Spade.

It’s a true testament to the absolute genius at work here that the character and sketch barely evolved from this early performance to the one that eventually made history on SNL. Most of the important lines and pant-tugs that became comedy lore are in this early version — all that’s missing is the over-the-top table slam.

For comparison’s sake, here’s Matt Foley’s first SNL appearance:

The Second City via Ben Schwartz