Chris Hardwick Brought Suggestively-Shaped Cookies For Conan And Andy Richter

As you may have heard, last year @Midnight host Chris Hardwick became engaged to publishing heiress Lydia Hearst, following a romantic proposal involving a candy ring. (He eventually gave her the real one, a Hearst family heirloom.) The couple’s nuptials are now just around the corner, so Hearst recently had her bachelorette party; a classy affair that took place at California’s historic Hearst Castle.

As Hardwick relayed on Conan Monday night, his fiancee was adamant that this classy affair be free of the typical bachelorette penis-themed adornments and accessories, but because that’s no fun, she eventually broke down and ordered 20 penis cookies for her 20 friends off of the internet. As one does!

Unfortunately, what Hearst actually ordered was 20 dozen penis cookies, so in an effort to get rid of them, Hardwick thoughtfully brought some of the extras to share with Conan and Andy, who were maybe less enthused about eating penis cookies. (Although who can blame them? Those look like some dry-ass cookies.)

Despite the free cookies, Hardwick wasn’t that thoughtful of a guest, as Conan later pointed out, “You just ate the shaft and left me the balls! So rude! That is rude!” Classic party foul. That guy is probably never going to be invited to a bachelorette party ever again.