Chris Hardwick’s Marriage Proposal To Lydia Hearst Involved A Candy Ring (UPDATE)

As we previously mentioned, Nerdist and @midnight host Chris Harwick recently sealed the deal with his 31-year-old heiress and model girlfriend, Lydia Hearst, following his big Emmy win for Best Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. Shortly after they became engaged, Hardwick Instagramed a photo of the stunning ring, a family heirloom that belonged to Heart’s grandmother and was passed down to him by her mother.

However, as Hardwick recalled the hectic evening to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, he explains the stress of having to pull off the ruse to his now-fiancee by telling her there was an after party at the Chateau Marmont when, in actuality, he was leading her to a room filled with a “crap-ton of wildflowers” where he planned to pull the whole thing off.

Only after all that, for some reason, he hadn’t bothered to actually procure the ring, so he had to use a candy one in the meantime, presumably one that he got out of the mini-bar. (Pretty sure the mini-bars at the Chateau Marmont have Ring Pops in them.) Why the rush, Hardwick? Was the lady going to turn into a pumpkin at midnight or something? Either way, she did indeed say yes to the candy ring and the couple will be married sometime next year.

UPDATE: Hardwick explains!