Chris Hemsworth Put On A Mullet And Played Musical Beers With Hugh Jackman And ‘SNL’ Cast Members

03.06.15 3 years ago

Isn’t it adorable when really famous people with unattainable good looks and a great sense of humor act like us? That’s what happened when Hugh Jackman was Jimmy Fallon’s guest on The Tonight Show and joined the host in a rousing game of “musical beers.”

Not only did the strapping gent who plays Wolverine don a wig of his Chappie mullet, as did Fallon, but Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, showed up and put on the same ridiculous wig, and it was still a very handsome thing to look at. If that wasn’t enough, Colin Jost, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan also appeared, which makes me think there was actual beer in those cups. You can’t have that crowd over for musical beers and give them ginger ale.

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