Chris Meloni Gets Confronted About His ‘Wet Hot American’ Long-Haired Past

While on The Tonight Show, Chris Meloni had a little more hair than we’re used to seeing him in. This, however wasn’t the longest he’s had it. It turns out Meloni was once a 20-year-old, and at the time the hair was a bit longer than that, among other things. Jimmy Fallon managed to uncover a picture of Meloni with his long hair out.

The whole pic is… interesting to say the least, though if I’m going to pick a favorite part, it’s gotta be the boots, because they had to look off even then. After running down the wears with Fallon, Meloni also took some time to talk about Wet Hot American Summer and why he would never do a twin movie with Jon Hamm. Turns out one of them would have to be “the ugly one.”

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)