Chris Pratt Channels Santa To Play A Festive Game Of ‘Mad Lib Theatre’ On ‘Fallon’

Move over, Fred Claus! There’s a new classic holiday tale in town and the writing was farted out in the amount of time it takes to hear that same damn Boney M Christmas medley your aunt loves so much. Thanks, popular entertainers Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon!

Pratt’s Tonight Show appearance on Tuesday night featured the former Burt Macklin engaging in a seasonally specific edition of “Mad Lib Theater.” Using the grade school staple, Fallon and Pratt acted out their own fantastical holiday tale that immediately gets derailed by giggling cuz Fallon + silliness breeds no other result. That’s an indisputable Late Night Week fact. To be fair, we’d crack up hard too if Pratt as Santa Claus asked why Rudolph saw us “spanking on the roof.” There’s no amount of training for that sort of thing.

The Jurassic World star wasn’t on The Tonight Show solely to sing about “Jingle Forks,” oddly enough. He and Fallon did the usual bit of host/guest chat which produced some fascinating insight into Chris Pratt’s karaoke habits. Unsurprisingly, Pratt’s a karaoke enthusiast (how could he not be?), but his tale of how Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” had to be removed from his rotation is hilariously heartbreaking. We won’t spoil where it goes, just take comfort in knowing that Pratt is currently enjoying the life of a box office king that’s happily married to Anna Faris and a beaming dad.

(Via The Tonight Show)