Chris Pratt Says Internet Comments Are A ‘Crazy Toilet Bowl’ And You Shouldn’t Read Them

Over the weekend we brought you details from Parks and Recreation’s Television Critics Association farewell press conference, during which Chris Pratt had some really sweet things to say about the much beloved, soon-to-be-ending NBC sitcom, like that he would “never f*cking leave” if it weren’t ending.

One thing that totally got overlooked from the panel, however, was when the cast was asked if they had any advice for any NBC sitcoms that come after them, Chris Pratt went off on a random and inspired rant about internet comments. Via Alan Sepinwall’s blog:

Pratt suggests the people “don’t read f*cking comments of what everyone thinks, because it doesn’t f*cking matter. If you change your vision because of what jackass online thinks, you’re going to f*cking lose your vision.

So screw everybody who reads comments. Don’t read them! It’s just a crazy toilet bowl, and you can get flushed down for as long as you can waste time, but if you don’t read comments, you could be spending time polishing jokes.”

Poehler, amused and indignant, thanks the critics for their own comments, and Pratt clarifies he was referring to “some d*ckhead in Ohio.” Aziz [asked]: “Did you just read some comments?”

That’s actually pretty good advice overall. It just goes to show, if someone even as universally beloved and nearly untouchable as Chris Pratt can get his day ruined by some mean jerk on the internet, what hope do the rest of us have? On a somewhat related note, NOBODY SAY ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT CHRIS PRATT IN THE COMMENTS.