John Legend Teasing Chrissy Teigen With Her Closet Embodies Marriage Goals For All

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their first child together, but that hasn’t dampened the couple’s saucy factor one bit. Teigen is known for her love of oversharing on social media where she has adorned her body with an Easy Bake Oven (and nothing else). She also professed her conditional love for Dorito dust with much zest. Some people find Teigen to be a bit effusive, but she’s always delightful and full of enthusiasm.

On Tuesday morning’s episode of The FABLife, Teigen wasn’t the one doing the oversharing. She allowed Legend to give the show a tour of her closet. She warned, “It’s kind of Paranormal Activity-looking. I had John film and send it in this morning. He’s not the greatest narrator.” Oh, he did fine with his narration and disarmed his wife just enough to make her blush.

Not surprisingly (especially for a model), the generous space was filled with row after row of hats and shoes, which were equally made for strutting down the street or a runway. Legend then opened a mystery drawer before heading over to the others side of the room, “Oh, we forgot the underwear drawer!” Then he opened the mystery drawer, and the joke was on Teigen … only it wasn’t the joke she was expecting.

(Via The FABLife)