Christina Applegate Ditched Brad Pitt For Another Guy At The 1989 MTV Movie Awards

Christina Applegate stopped by Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live where host Andy Cohen asked her to play a game of Plead the Fifth, in which guests are asked to answer somewhat salacious questions relating to themselves with only one lifeline to cop out. Unfortunately, Christina Applegate used her Plead the Fifth early on in the game, when asked which male co-star she’s worked with had the biggest bulge, but that didn’t stop her from refusing to answer a subsequent question about Brad Pitt.

Apparently, she and the future Mr. Angelina Jolie attended the 1989 MTV Movie Awards together on a date, but she has said in previous interviews that she left with another guy. As far as who that guy was — who was apparently well-known at the time — Applegate refused to say. Because she won’t talk, I’m going to recklessly speculate, and it seems just a little too convenient that 1989 was also Pauly Shore’s first year with MTV. Did Applegate once pass over Brad Pitt for Pauly Shore? The world may never know.

1989 MTV Video Music Awards Brad Pitt & Christina Applegate   (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
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