Christina Applegate Literally Could Not Say Anything About ‘Anchorman 2’ On The ‘Tonight Show’

09.05.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

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Ladies and gentleman! You know, that’s what I love about being the night editor of Uproxx. I get to treat this like it’s my own Late Show. How you all doin’? Where you from? New Hampshire? What’s up with that? Anyway, moving on.

So, Christina Applegate was the guest on Jay Leno tonight and thanks to the NBC demigods over there in Burbank – they’ve deemed it so that we have a clip where we know nothing from. Now hold on! You might be saying: hey, isn’t it your job to find out what goes on late at night? And I would say yes. And you might say: hey, watching late night shows, aren’t there more nuggets of information out there about Anchorman 2? And I would say: yes, there are. Why, here’s a whole host of secrets. But then I’d point you towards this clip that makes my job harder to do, in which Christina Applegate says literally nothing about the one thing we want her to talk about oh my godddd. 

But, no, Jay Leno and his crew at The Tonight Show were kind enough to give us this clip in which Jay Leno does not actually ask a question and Christina Applegate does not actually answer it. Did I mention that Jay Leno is gonna be gone in 2014? I know! Maybe then we’ll get a clip we can work with about Anchorman 2. Until then, it makes my late-night Kenny Bloggins life a little bit more difficult.

And to that you might say: that’s a pretty sweet gig with the night bloggins’ over there, so why not, say, post more of the interview where something gets said? And I say to that: NBC, if you’re going to be on our d*cks enough about sharing content, please post the interview with noted hilarious comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry, who was on the show too, and it was hilarious and maaaaaaaaaaybe you could put the clip up when it airs? It’s a Wednesday night, honey. If I wanted to hear an actress not talk about something she did I’d put on an Ed Hardy shirt, go searching on Brookyln’s OKCupid for .003 seconds, and agree to meet at the nearest dive bar.

Anchorman 2 opens in December. Harrison Ford is in it and so is Kanye West, apparently. So there’s that. I had to search the latter part. Thanks NBC.

(image and h/t, kinda, to NBC)

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