Christina Hendricks Hated High School

02.21.12 21 Comments

In a recent interview with The Mirror, “Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks discussed her unpleasant experiences as a high school student in Virginia:

“My school days were pretty unhappy. I had the worst high school experience ever. I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy.

“I was a bit of a goth with purple hair and I was also part of the drama group, so my friends and I were all weird theatre people and everyone just hated us.

“There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you. It was like something out of Lord of the Flies.”

Of course Christina Hendricks hated high school. Do you know who else hated high school? Everyone. Even people who liked high school hated high school. It’s hundreds of insecure people with enough hormones coursing through their veins that they’re practically glowing crammed into a building and tearing each other apart for four consecutive years. It’s more of a perverse science experiment than anything else, and Christina Hendricks is a great example. As the article goes on to explain, one short year after she graduated from a school where people mocked and spit on her, she ended up as a model living in New York. If someone like that can’t get through high school unscathed, no one can.

My point here is that teenagers should be kept in cages. Something something Christina Hendricks.

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