Christina Hendricks And Jon Stewart Dreamt Up A Joan Holloway Detective Spin-Off. Would Watch.

The lovely Christina Hendricks dropped by The Daily Show a night after a very Joan-centric episode of Mad Men to discuss her character’s impending death (not really), the direction of the show as it bears down on the ’70s, glamor vs. consequence, and how Matt Weiner won’t spill juicy plot details to her over girly phone calls anymore. :(

Nothing groundbreaking — and for some reason they never get into what it was like to share the screen with Wendy Peffercorn or how to be the world’s best third wheel — just a fun, intelligent conversation about one of television’s finest dramas and the evolution of society in the 20th century. Also, CHRISTINA HENDRICKS TALKING.

I’m totally in for the Joan Holloway spin-off as long as it combines both a supernatural element AND womanly wiles. Think Buffy if Buffy had been all woman and a better drinker.