Jeff Goldblum’s New Ad Campaign Teaches Us How To Accept Bad Gifts This Christmas

It’s barely even Thanksgiving, but it’s never too early for master thespian Jeff Goldblum to star in some Christmas commercials. He pops into a series of ads by UK electronics chain Currys PC World, instructing family members how to act like they like the bad gifts that their loved ones gave them.

In the first ad about a man who gives his wife a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas, Goldblum barges in, borrow’s the crestfallen wife’s glasses to be more “method,” and then thanks the husband in a heartfelt manner by imagining the puzzle as the Microsoft Surface laptop “that I left so many unsubtle hints about these last couple months.” The ad ends with the husband kissing Goldblum full on the lips.

The other of the five ads are similarly high concept, with Goldblum leaving his hiding place under the bed to counsel a man who has received foot talc from her significant other to pretend that it’s an espresso machine with an “aeroccino frother.” In another, Goldblum tells a hapless office worker that his boss with whom he’s on “thin ice” gave him a big, tacky mug for Secret Santa, and that he should react as if he had been given a Google Chromecast.

It’s an entertaining reminder to be nice to the people around you during the holidays, and to buy cool stuff from Currys PC World. Oh and there’s also a fun selection of outtakes to enjoy.

(Via AdWeek)