Christopher Walken Adds ‘Pizazz’ To The Super Bowl By Busting Out A Sock Puppet

The Super Bowl is a time where companies pull out all the stops in order to create ads that will live in the minds of consumers for at least a week. That’s usually why companies tap famous celebrities and funny animals to come out and sell their products. Kia decided their best bet was Christopher Walken turning up his odd personality to a higher level to sell their cars. It just might work.

Not only is he hanging around inside of a “Walken” closet, the screen legend is also busting out the sock puppets to get his point across. The only thing missing is his fascination with animals — mainly cats — and his distaste for the cops. Would’ve been perfect to hear this coming from his sock puppet at the end of the commercial.

As for the cats, it’s pretty clear that Walken is nothing more than a big softie for cats. You can tell in the snippet above from this interview. Not only does he have a strong talent for naming cats, but he’s also a fan of cats on the Internet. It would seem that the interview above is not the first time he has shared his love of Henri the cat. That means Walken spends his free time watching cat videos, talking about them to people he meets, and attempting to share them by writing the URL on a note. It’s glorious.

(Via Ad Week)