Christopher Walken Adds ‘Pizazz’ To The Super Bowl By Busting Out A Sock Puppet

02.03.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

The Super Bowl is a time where companies pull out all the stops in order to create ads that will live in the minds of consumers for at least a week. That’s usually why companies tap famous celebrities and funny animals to come out and sell their products. Kia decided their best bet was Christopher Walken turning up his odd personality to a higher level to sell their cars. It just might work.

Not only is he hanging around inside of a “Walken” closet, the screen legend is also busting out the sock puppets to get his point across. The only thing missing is his fascination with animals — mainly cats — and his distaste for the cops. Would’ve been perfect to hear this coming from his sock puppet at the end of the commercial.

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