Christopher Walken Recounts The Time He First Met Clint Eastwood

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06.11.14 11 Comments

You would’ve thought that two of the biggest stars of the 70s and 80s would have at least crossed paths at least once in their careers. Turns out that Christopher Walken never actually met Clint Eastwood until he walked onto the set of Jersey Boys for the first time.

“I didn’t know him. Months before when I had the script and my agent would say, ‘Clint is calling you this week, wants to just say hello.’ I never spoke to him. Then I got to the set. And I met him. And he said, ‘hello.’ And then I went to work. And that was it.”

And Letterman looked thrilled by that story. But I think he should know better.

The unspoken bonds are usually the stronger ones, correct? Perhaps there was some deep kinship and nothing needed to be said. Some old man sense where a weak cup of tea and a newspaper is all you really need to get through the day. Where work is nothing more than a distraction away from a round of golf or a march towards death. He tell him, “great organization, Clint,” before tap dancing away.

I’m shocked they didn’t work together. At least in some bit part. Walken did a James Bond movie (a horrible one at that), but no one thought he could’ve played a bad guy in one of those Dirty Harry pictures?

(Via The Late Show)

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