Chuck Lorre And Kathy Bates Are Teaming Up For A Weed Sitcom On Netflix


Netflix is always looking for new shows and ideas to reach their audience. There is a long tradition of stoner films and television shows becoming cult classics, although in the realm of television it’s been a bit more rare, with Showtime’s Weeds being the exception. Granted, Weeds did get really, comically bad near the end, but it was still a show on television about weed. Netflix is going to look to cash in on the more weed-friendly atmosphere in the United States right now with a new television series from Chuck Lorre.

Chuck Lorre, the guy behind one of the most-watched shows on television, The Big Bang Theory, will be producing a 20-episode season of the show Disjointed starring Kathy Bates, Vulture reports. Bates will be playing a lifelong marijuana advocate who finally gets to live out her dream of living in a modern day L.A. where marijuana is legal and she can own and operate her own dispensary.

Of course hijinx will ensue, people will be stoned and there will be stuff that goes hilariously wrong. That’s what everyone expects of a stoner show, and exactly what Disjointed is sounding like it’ll deliver on. Netflix has picked the show up for it’s 20-episode season featuring standard, half-hour-long episodes. Until then nobody can stop you from sitting back, listening to Sleep’s Dopesmoker and doing whatever you damned well please in the privacy of your own home.

(Via Vulture)