Dana Carvey Returned To ‘SNL’ As The Church Lady To Interview Donald Trump

Between 1986 and 1990, Dana Carvey played the pious “Church Lady,” the host of the Church Chat talk show, no fewer than 18 times on SNL. She was one of the show’s breakout characters, and Carvey, who introduced “Enid Strict” during the “last sketch [of] rehearsal,” has returned four times since leaving SNL in 1993 to drop a “isn’t that special?”. Including during last night’s Brie Larson-hosted episode, when the Church Lady interviewed Satan himself, Ted Cruz, and the “presumptive tangerine tornado,” Donald Trump.

After sharing her feelings on the Met Gala’s fashion and Beyoncé’s Lemonade, the Church Lady brought out Cruz, who even she thinks is “just a little bit preachy.” What’s the Texas senator up to now, since dropping out of the presidential race? He’s going to give being evil a try. Speaking of evil things: Darrell Hammond also appeared on Church Chat as taco bowl fanatic Trump, because SNL needs to have old cast members in every cold open, apparently. Trump told the Church Lady that he’s a devout Christian; he even goes to church when it’s not “church day.” He’s read all the books in the Bible, including “Corinthians Part Deux, Book of Revelations, Two Genesis, Two Furious… and the part where Jon Snow comes back to life. That’s great Bible.”

If anyone deserves to be condescendingly called “special,” it’s Donald Trump.

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