Clip Show: The Best of Corgi Friday

I had a very special edition of Corgi Friday planned for this week, but unfortunately I was unable to secure the images that I wanted. I’ll try to make it happen for next week. Please be patient; I think it will be worth the wait.
In lieu of that, I’ve compiled the very best of Corgi Friday so far. True, this feature has run for less than half a year, but it’s important to occasionally look back on the highlights, and this will serve as an important beacon in future searches of the Warming Glow archives. Think of it like a clip show, except with Corgis. Who doesn’t like the occasional flashback episode? (Besides veterans, I mean.)
Let’s count down the 10 best Corgi categories, from merely awesome to war-stopping adorable.

The Photoshop that started it all. Let’s all be thankful that I was bored and there was nothing happening in August. Also, let’s not forget the non-Photoshopped Double Rainbow Corgi.
The problem with Corgi fan art is that it can never be as cute as ACTUAL Corgis. However, it’s a nice window into crazy people’s souls.
Original post here. The banner image here remains one of my all-time favorite pictures from Corgi Friday.
We’ve had two editions of party Corgis: the first one was pretty cute, but it didn’t reach its full potential until Part 2.
Yo dawg, I heard you like looking at dogs on your computer, so I made a list of dogs with computers so you can look at dogs looking at computers on your computer.
There’s not much I can add to the original post. It’s like Corgis were bred to wear Santa hats and plush reindeer antlers.

Following the viral sensation of the “Corgi Flop” video, our Danger Guerrero began taking Corgi videos, slowing them down, and setting them to epic music, such as Corgi Swimming to Requiem for a Dream and Corgis Playing in the Snow to Chariots of Fire. Nothing, however, can ever touch the perfection of Corgiwatch.
I could fall back on doing a Corgi puppy post every week, but that almost seems unfair. Cuteness that powerful is like the A-bomb: it must be used only as a last resort.
As much as such a thing is possible, I busted my ass to put together more than fifty Corgis playing in snow. It can warm your heart on the coldest winter day.
Forget herding and hunting small mammals (and wearing Santa hats), I believe Corgis were bred to tolerate costumes. My God, there was so much costumed Corgi greatness from Halloween that I had to spread it out over two weeks (Part 1, Part 2).