Conan And PewDiePie Have Too Much Fun Abusing Animals In ‘Far Cry Primal’ For ‘Clueless Gamer’

Far Cry Primal takes the formula from the highly successful Far Cry series back in time to prehistoric times. And even though we’re in a period before firearms and modern technology, Conan and PewDiePie still find a way to have a good time on Clueless Gamer. The bad part is that their fun isn’t very nice for the animals in the game. PewDiePie immediately attempts to stab a mammoth in its butt, while Conan befriends a badger that seems to enjoy having sex with the dead and eating their testicles.

There’s also Conan’s inability to fly the owl toward anything that doesn’t resemble a wall. It’s brutal too, without any kind of warning that you likely just murdered your owl friend by smashing its skull against a stone wall. It does drop bombs and swoop in for murder, though. Can’t really complain about that.

The final portion deals with riding the mammoths, which was one of the fun aspects of Far Cry 4 — elephants instead of mammoths, of course. Best of all, there’s no pesky jackasses with machine guns to kill your pachyderm ride. It seems like a pretty good time, even if there’s no helicopter or cool weaponry to use. I would still trade one or two animal pals for an explosive arrow.

(Via Team Coco)

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