CNN Is Showing The Strain Of The 2016 Election Through The Frustration On The Air

03.26.16 2 years ago

The 2016 presidential election has so far lived up to its billing as a circus for most in the media. It is either a self-fulfilling prophecy or a sign that the candidate pool has reached the bottom of the tank. We’ll have to wait till November to find that out for sure. But the obvious thing we’ve seen is how the non-stop coverage from all angles has taken its toll on those who report the news.

For some, like Megyn Kelly on Fox News, they have become the news themselves due to their relationships with the candidates. Others are showing their allegiances and causing a schism, like Joe Scarborough at MSNBC or the recent exodus from Breitbart. But no group seems to be feeling the strain more than the folks at CNN. It’s either stress or it is a new mixture between news and entertainment.

Take Erin Burnett above, discussing her embarrassment over covering the recent spat between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump while reporting live from Brussels. There are plenty of moments where real feelings slip through for on-air talent, but this sort of revelation shows how far we’ve dipped with the election coverage. And Burnett isn’t alone.

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