The Most Critical Celebrity Twitter Reactions Of The CNN GOP Debate

Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley
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Wednesday evening’s CNN GOP debate started off with some enthusiastic insults, entered into a graceful yet firm turn from Carly Fiorina, and then transformed into a pot-smoking discussion where Jeb Bush was branded a “hypocrite” for toking up a few decades ago. In the end, the entire affair lasted more than two hours, but Twitter kept up enough steam to keep the jokes coming.

Negative reactions to the debate ran far, wide, and according to party lines. Many critics believed the candidates spoke in terms that were too general, so they made too many promises without diving into specific policy proposals. However, these complaints could characterize many political campaigns, and there’s little use in rehashing such tweets here. Instead, we’ll focus on the snappy remarks from celebrities. A surprising number of these famous types live-tweeted their debate reactions.

Early on in the debate, Patton Oswalt made his skepticism known.

One of the most befuddling tweets came from an inappropriate Ann Coulter.

Otherwise, the jokes came hard and fast. Twitter has so much energy for these events.

Who won this debate? Clearly, Cher came out on top with Arsenio Hall in second.