Here’s 75 Minutes Of CNN’s Non-Stop Royal Baby Coverage Condensed To 40 Seconds And Set To Yakety Sax

Yesterday, in a post on CNN’s coverage of the royal baby, I wrote the following: “Often times during the day I’ll keep CNN on while I’m working, unless, of course, they’re going nuts over poop cruises or the Zimmerman trial or whatnot.”

Well, I’m afraid that today CNN’s unrelenting royal baby coverage actually managed to eclipse their insane wall-to-wall poop cruise and Zimmerman trial coverage. Personally, I dipped out before the first hour of New Day had even wrapped, and from there it only got worse: at one point the network went 75 minutes as documented in this video from Guyism — without mentioning another new story, not even dildos being hunted into extinction…

Somebody, anybody, please MAKE IT STOP!

(Via Guyism. Dildo extinction vid via Hypervocal)