CNN’s Jake Tapper Had A Hard Time Saying, ‘Burn This B*tch Down’

It’s been an interesting 24-hours for CNN and many of their hosts, several of whom were caught in the crossfire of Ferguson protestors last night. We chronicled many of the incidents, including one man who interrupted Don Lemon by screaming “F*ck CNN” during a broadcast.

This latest blooper wasn’t as mean-spirited but did contain some swear words. Last night, Michael Brown’s step-father made some unfortunate comments during a peaceful protest telling folks to “burn this motherf*cker down, burn this b*tch down.” The video has since gone viral and the Brown family has been forced to address it. CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke with alderman Antonio French this afternoon to get his thoughts on the matter which ultimately led to him repeating the quote word-for-word. Quite awkwardly I might add.